Ratio ESL#

Ratio support for the Elephant Specification Language (ESL) in Python.



RaESL can be installed using pip install raesl for any Python version >=3.9. Or, for Poetry managed projects, use poetry add raesl to add it as a dependency.

For RaESL’s different subcommands and functionality, the wheel provides extras:

  • doc: documentation generation using pandoc, Markdown and optionally LaTeX.

  • jupyter: a Jupyter ESL kernel.

  • pygments: an ESL syntax highlighter for pygments.

  • rich: Rich doc output in the form of Plotly images.

  • server: A language server to parse documents.

The default compile command is always available.

Please refer to the usage documentation for more info on how to use RaESL.

Developer guide#

Python packaging information#

This project is packaged using poetry. Packaging information as well as dependencies are stored in pyproject.toml.

Installing the project and its development dependencies can be done using poetry install.

Invoke tasks#

Most elemental maintenance tasks can be accomplished using [Invoke](https://www.pyinvoke.org/). After installing using poetry install and enabling the environment using poetry shell, you can run all tasks using inv [taskname] or invoke [taskname]. E.g. inv docs builds the documentation.


This project uses semantic versioning. Version increments are checked using Raver.


Changelog format as described by https://keepachangelog.com/ has been adopted.