ESL compiler Command Line Interface.

Module Contents#


run(→ Tuple[raesl.compile.diagnostics.DiagnosticStore, ...)

Run the compiler on ESL files.

compile(paths, output, force)

Run the ESL compiler.

raesl.compile.cli.run(*paths: str | pathlib.Path, output: str | pathlib.Path | None = None, force: bool = False, files: List[str] | List[pathlib.Path] | None = None) Tuple[raesl.compile.diagnostics.DiagnosticStore, raesl.compile.ast.specification.Specification | None, ragraph.graph.Graph | None]#

Run the compiler on ESL files.

  • paths – Paths to resolve into ESL files. May be any number of files and directories to scan.

  • output – Optional output file (JSON) to write the graph to.

  • force – Whether to overwrite the output file or raise an error if the file already exists.

  • files – Optional paths argument (deprecated).


Diagnostic storage. Specification object (if successfully parsed). Instantiated graph (if successfully instantiated).

raesl.compile.cli.compile(paths: List[str], output: str | None, force: bool)#

Run the ESL compiler.